Owners giving pets elaborate funerals

Owners giving pets elaborate funerals

THE owners of lizards, alpacas, guinea pigs and rats are spending $1500 for pet grief specialists as mourning families do away with backyard burials for the religious traditions of a human send-off.

Animal cremation companies said the number of families giving their loved ones a “proper burial” had spiked from 10 to more than 80 a week – and some even went to the effort of half-week ceremonies.

The packages, ranging from $330 for a scatter box to $850 for the deluxe, also include cremation, urn, lock of fur, paw print, candle and a certificate.

While most owners opted for the “bronze” package – which includes cremation, urn, lock of fur, paw print, candle and a certificate – There is no shortage of special requests. People like to place special items in with the pet and we will unless it’s toxic and can’t be cremated.
“We understand the respect and dignity people deserve and a pet is no different — a part of our family,” a pet owner said.

Psychologist Nadine Hamilton, of Pawsitive Psych Solutions, said the loving bond made the passing of a pet so difficult.

“People say it’s a pet and to get over it, but you never get over it, you just learn to move around it,” she said. “We need to reduce the stigma … a horrible feeling when a pet dies is nothing to be ashamed of.”